Adam Olmstead Releases Nashville Demos

Adam Olmstead by Alex Reid
Adam Olmstead performing at the Garcelon Civic Center as part of the Countdown to Canada Day celebration. Original photo by Alex Reid.

Sitting around a kitchen table with a guitar, a piano, a fiddle and a few friends, Adam Olmstead officially released his latest album Nashville DemosIt was around the kitchen table of Adam’s rustic camp outside of St. Stephen, New Brunswick and on the front porch overlooking the St. Croix river that many of these songs were conceived—witnessed by the dim flickering of candlelight and oil lamps and of the pale Canadian moonlight.

Last night, though, these songs were brought out under the bright lights of the Garcelon Civic Center (though Adam did bring along a good ole reliable oil lamp just in case!) as part of the Countdown to Canada Day celebration, where the kitchen of the cabin was recreated so that the good people of Charlotte County could bear witness to these songs, as well as many traditional songs and songs that have been written by great North American songwriters that have come before—from Jimmie Rogers to Robert Johnson.

Because that is the tradition that Adam Olmstead is continuing—the act of bearing witness. Bearing witness to songs and of each other—of what we hold dear and sacred. In a world of celebrity and entertainment on one hand and of inhuman brutality and digitized divisiveness on the other—we need that re-connection to ourselves and to our community.  And what better way to do that than through song.

Nashville Demos by Adam Olmstead is now available to purchase digitally and as a compact disc through cdbaby. If you are in the St. Stephen area Adam would be happy to sell you one directly. Thank you for supporting independent local artists.